Why does it always happen to Good People?

Why the Good Ones are always taken for Granted?

Why always their Advantage is taken?

Why always they have to “MASK” their Feelings & everything?

Why do they have to Fake their Smile?

Why aren’t they Taken Care of?

Why are they made to feel Inferior?


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The More Damage You Take,
the More Mature You Become!

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New Year!


Year Changed,
& a New Year came…

2016 wasn’t so Good, she thought…
Happiness everywhere,
Parties and New Year BuZz,
She was trying to be Happy again,
trying to Smile again…

And there He was looking at the Sky,
Smiling with a Tear in his eye….
for him, only the Calendar changed,
& nothing seemed anything New!


Happy New Year EveryOne 😁😀🎊🎉



I got this Notification bout 2 Days ago, and I was like “Whoaaa!” but couldn’t post this due to College, Office, Studies (just an excuse 😛) and so On…
I am very, very much Happy for this… 😊 (Smiling like an Idiot! 😛)

When I started this blog, it was much like a Dream to me like “100 Followers!, Wow” 😛…
I thought who would even Read my stuffs but this Blogging Family really did Tolerate Me 😛 & Read my Posts and even shared their Views (This was very Encouraging)… 😊

Thank You EveryOne for making me a Part of this Wonderfull Family! 😇😇
The Increasing Followers’ List is very Motivating for Me… 😊😛

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I smiled…

She said, “No”
– I Accepted…

She never gave any Hopes
But I made them up by Myself!

She was my Friend
I took it Somethin else!

She Moved On…
She left…
but I was still there, Waiting!

Maybe She was Right,
It was an Obsession & not Feelings…

I was No Saint,
Just never wanted her to know What & How I felt!
I was Wired differently…

She said “Please, Move On”
and I just Smiled…

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He was Broken & Frustrated,
So much that He wanted to End all this,
He wanted to End his Life…

With a Blade in his Hand,
He wept silently in a corner of his Room,
hoping SomeOne would come & Hug him tight…
But now, he wanted to Cease the Fight,
He wanted to End his Life…

Within a fraction of a second,
The Blade met his Wrist…
He closed his Eyes,
Finally, He was Ending his Life…

From Worst to Best,
Memories crossed his mind,
Some faces he Recognized, Some he didn’t want to…
He let Death win over him & left the World with many UnAnswered Questions,
Finally, He Ended all this,
He Ended his Life!

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She said, “This is only Temporary… I don’t think of US ahead..”

He said, “Yes, Ofcourse. Neither do I…”

“I only ask You to be there, when I wake up tomorrow…
I need that in my Life, Will you help?”

“Of Course”

And he did, for 60 Years, 10 months, 11 days…
And then, he left…
-The Scribbled Stories

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