Happy BirthDay


He sat on that wrecked rusty Bench,
hoping she would come,
He was Waiting for her…

An Hour passed –
Plays a Game…

Another Hour Passed –
Reads the conversation they had today…

3rd Hour Passed –
“Just Chillax Dude, She must be Busy, She has a Family too” – he said to Himself

4 Hours Passed –
Listens to a Song 20 times….

5 Hours Later –
Stands Up, Looks up at the Moon with a Faded Smile…
“If I could only wish you a Happiest Bday, well but its too late now & I should be Leaving….

#DarShu 😊


“How can you be Fine everytime when someone Left you, Betrayed you & Didn’t even cared to Look back?” – I asked…

“Coz, I am only Not Fine with the Person who Betrayed & Left me…
I am only Not Fine with The One who gave me some creepy Nightmares to Live with…!
I am only Not Fine with the Person because of whom I was made to believe that Love is nothing but a Mirage..!

This is why I am always FINE…! 😊
Why should I WaSte my LiFe thinking bout the same thing & miss those Beautiful Moments that happen everyday…

Why should I start Hating things just because He gave me “some” worst memories?
I’ve made Dozens of Good Memories!

Its not whole World’s fault to whatever happened with me…!
Then Why should I Blame others?
Not everyone in the World is the Same!
Why should I make a Hollow space in myself & miss the Beautiful world around?
This is not my Cup of Tea…

I have just learned a ‘Lesson’.
I haven’t Changed, I am still the same Girl…
This is why I am absolutely FINE!– saying this, She took a deep breath…
Gave a Smile & went back to Work….

and I stood there…
Frozen, still trying to Understand her…!

#DarShu 😊

The “Two Sides”


He could easily Catch her Fake Smiles,
Could easily see her Real Face behind the Mask(s),
He would still Love her ‘Mood Swings’ as a Fortunate Victim…
It was a normal “Everyday Thing” for him,
He was used to them…
He Loved his aimless Journey…

She wasn’t Stone Hearted,
She was just Strong enough,
There was still a Kid inside,
It was just like She had seen enough in her Life…!
and Life doesn’t always show Good Things…

#DarShu 😊



He asked – How are you now?

What does that mean?!
Don’t you have a Hint?
Didn’t you think this How would I feel when you just Left me, all Alone…!
What brings you Here today, What made you Ask this?
I am Devastated, Alone, Hurt, Struggling to Live again…
Actually No…!
I am Free, Independent, Happy, Stronger then ever & Fine….
You hear that?
I am F*cking….)
“FINE” – the only thing She said..

#DarShu 😊

Post #85


Its a better to take a Break from Worrying bout those Stuffs that you can’t Control….

Hit it Off & “Live a Little” 😀😊

#DarShu 😊

App for my Blog?

Well, I actually made an Android App long ago for my Blog but never released it…

How Dumb! 😛

So today while exploring the Internal Storage of my Phone, I found a Folder named “App-Projects”…
I saw some Huge (not so huge though 😛) Java and Xml files…

This led me to think, “Should I Continue this App?”

This App had Features like –
1) Pure Material Design
2) Images Download Feature
3) Small in Size!
4) And Blah, Blah, Blah! 😛

Should I start this Project?
Coz I only get Saturday & Sunday to Code this App…
Need some Advice… 😊

Here’s one of my App www.InStaDP.cf

#DarShu 😊

Incompletely Complete!


That’s what He did…
Was that a Mistake?
“No”, He said to himself…
That’s what a ‘Normal’ Human does when He does something beyond his limits, especially Love…

He knew her Answer from the very beginning…
He kept Hoping untill She was Happy, like really Happy with Someone…

You know what Hurts?
He let her Go, saw her Go, stopped Hoping, killed his Expectations & there She was again…
Alone, Hurt, Masking Smiles, Matured, Stronger then Ever with all Innocence Lost…

He couldn’t do Anything, just stood and Saw everything…
What else could he do?

His One Sided was Tough, much more Painful…
But It was Beautiful & Incompletely Complete!

#DarShu 😊



Why does it always happen to Good People?

Why the Good Ones are always taken for Granted?

Why always their Advantage is taken?

Why always they have to “MASK” their Feelings & everything?

Why do they have to Fake their Smile?

Why aren’t they Taken Care of?

Why are they made to feel Inferior?


#DarShu :)