TexWalls! (Android App)


Hey there Everyone! 😁
Here I am again with a New App for Android 😁

The Name is TexWalls!
What does it Do?
– You just need to Write, Customize & Whossh! 🤣👻

Basically, TexWalls lets you create Simplistic Text Wallpapers!
Yess!! You can literally write anything, Customize the Font, BG Color & Set it as a Wallpaper….

You can always stay Motivated by writing your stuffs for yourself & seeing them as you Unlock your phone!
You can never miss something important, write the reminder text & Hit it!

Bonus: You can also Save the Wallpapers, Use any Color as Background 😁✌️

Go Grab it from the Google Play Store :)
Get it Now!

#DarShan :)


‘I’ll give you all the Happiness you Deserve…
But first, I’ll make you Strong‘ 
-Life said…

But Today,
I’m at a Stage of my Life where I have become so Strong & Cold Hearted that I no longer want any fcukin Happiness or anything else!

#DarShan 😊

Status Saver (Android App)


What would you do If you liked someone’s WhatsApp Story (Pics/Videos)?
– Ask them for that Pic/Video? – Naah
– Take a Screenshot? – Naah & what about a Video? 😅

Well, I created an App for that purpose few months ago…
(Necessity is the Mother of Invention 😂)
& Guess what?
It now has 100K+ downloads on Google PlayStore 😀🎉🎊

How to Use?
– It’s pretty much Simple, check the Status Story on WhatsApp…
Open the App, View the Status & Save! 😁 (Easy, isn’t it?) 😀

Features of Status Saver
– Shows Photo & Video (both) Story Statuses
– In Built Viewers
– Repost them without even Saving!

Are you Still Reading this? 😕
Ehhh, Go get the App Now on Google PlayStore 😀
Also Rate, Review & Share if you liked it 😀

#DarShan 😊

The ‘Letter’ which…


First things first…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to the Sweetest & Cutest Girl Ever on the whole Planet! :)

Enjoy this Day to the Fullest, not for yourself but for those who Care for you…
And may God Bless You!…

I know its your Bday & its a Hell special Day for you & I got no Intentions to Spoil it… :)
Now, I know how your Brain works, So don’t get me Wrong…

For the sake of our FriendShip (maybe “so called”), Accept something that I would like to give you…
Think of it as a Gift but Its a Apologizing gesture for me for All the Shitty things I’ve ever done where everytime You lost a part of yourself…

I have No Rights to ask for a Return Gift but still I’ll go for it!
What is it that I want?
You? – Naah… I don’t deserve you…
Trust Me? – Nope
Just be the ONE who You Are!
& maybe if possible, I would still want to be a part of your Life, though a small one…
Just don’t Abondon Me…

Maybe it wasn’t the Right Time,
Maybe it wasn’t the Right Situation,
or Maybe I wasn’t Right somewhere…

I don’t wanna Bore you more…
And don’t give a serious thought to all this Crap I have written here…
Its Just Like….
I Don’t Know…
Leave It…

And Yeah,
Best of Luck for your Exams
& Once again,
A Very Happy Birthday…

by the way,
I still Hate him,
But He’s the Right One for You! :)

– Dated: February 2015
The Letter which Never served its Purpose…
The Letter which was Never Opened Up…
The Letter which had Nothing Special in it…
The Letter which I still kept Safely…

“The Letter which She Never Read…”

#DarShu :)

InStaDP (PlayStore Update)


Hey EveryOne,
Long Time, No See 😛
I wasn’t Online for a quite brief period because of my Exams and All… (Exams still On 😥)

But during this Bad Time (Exam Time 😛),
Somethin Good happened!

What was That?
Well, I registered for a Google Developer Account!
It means now None of my Apps will Roam here & there on the Web!
They will be on PlayStore…! 😁😀

All Right,
Back to the Point!
I guess You would have already seen my App “InStaDP” which is a helpfull tool to Grab anyone’s Instagram DP…

It’s now on Google PlayStore!
Many things have been Updated to Extreme Level!

Do check it Out!
If you like the App then Do Rate, Share & Give a Review! 😀😁
The App is here –
InStaDP – Save & View anyone’s Instagram DPs!

(I’ll be Back after 22 April, Exams! 😥)

#DarShu 😊

The Versatile Blogger Award


Well, I am very much Happy (like very, very Much 😛) coz I was Nominated by TheGirlOnTheGo08 for The ‘VerSatile Blogger Award’ 😁😀
But on the other side, I still think that I am not too Good for this Award… 😃
(but hell Yeah, I’m Nominated 😂😂😛😛)

So, Thank You so much for the Nomination… 😀😊😇
(Do Check Out her Blog, She is just ‘AweSome’)

This is basically my 2nd Award & it feels Great.. 😀😁

So, here are the Rules –

★ You have to Thank the Person who Nominated you for this Award… 😀😁

Nominate atleast “15 Bloggers” of your Choice (Difficult Thing 😅 coz all are Great for Me!)

★ Informing them about their Nomination… 😊

★ Sharing 7 Facts about Yourself… 😛

Here are Some Facts bout Me… 😛

1) My Name is DarShan but I prefer ‘DarShu’ as my Pen Name… 😛

2) I can Sing…!
(You can Tolerate, I am not that Bad.. 😛)

3) I am the Guy who Eats too much but still can’t Put On any Weight 😥😂😂

4) I am Short Tempered 😃

5) I’m in College…
(Same Graduation things you know 😛😂)

6) At times, I can be a Super Genius but at times I can be like Horribly Irritating… 😂

7) I am a Lazy Dog untill my Tail is on Fire… 😂😂

Now is the Time for the Nominations…

1) Rob – Just Ruminating
2) Deepika – Full Of Life
3) Shivani – Shivani Gupta’s Blog
4) Aedit – A Life to Live & Write
5) Unnati – Stories from my Diary 💟
6) Aishwarya – AishwaryaSivaKumar
7) Deepak SirJi – DeepakDheer
8) Ayush – A Colourful MonoChrome
9) Mihir – The Scribbling Life
10) Shreya MysteriousSoul
11) Roshni – BoranaRoshni
12) Diksha – BeingSheBlog
13) Amogh – Mann ki Baat
14) Amitav – Amitav Chowdhury
15) Akansha – Akansha1602

Check out All of this Blogs, You won’t feel Disappointed! 😀😊💙

A Big Thank You Again… 😀😇
#DarShu 😊