Status Saver (Android App)


What would you do If you liked someone’s WhatsApp Story (Pics/Videos)?
– Ask them for that Pic/Video? – Naah
– Take a Screenshot? – Naah & what about a Video? 😅

Well, I created an App for that purpose few months ago…
(Necessity is the Mother of Invention 😂)
& Guess what?
It now has 100K+ downloads on Google PlayStore 😀🎉🎊

How to Use?
– It’s pretty much Simple, check the Status Story on WhatsApp…
Open the App, View the Status & Save! 😁 (Easy, isn’t it?) 😀

Features of Status Saver
– Shows Photo & Video (both) Story Statuses
– In Built Viewers
– Repost them without even Saving!

Are you Still Reading this? 😕
Ehhh, Go get the App Now on Google PlayStore 😀
Also Rate, Review & Share if you liked it 😀

#DarShan 😊

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