So You want to Change your “LiFe”?


This is Something that SomeOne said Me to Follow, & this Works! :)
Even You Should Try! :)

* Deal with your “WorrieS”
~ Sit down quietly & make a list of all those things you’re Worries ’bout… :)

* Make a “WiSh LiSt”
~ On another sheet of Paper, write a list of things that you’ve always Wanted, & don’t you Hold back Anything!
In a Separate Column, write down how will you Achieve each of them! :)

* WelComing the “Odd MistakeS”
~ Lookout for a Mistake, where it is!
Something that went Wrong, perhaps within your Control, or beyond it…
‘Mistakes’, made by Ourselves, or Others show that We are “Human”
The more Opportunity you have to Deal with Mistakes, the more likely you will be Able to “Learn” from them! :)

#DarShu :)

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