FirSt “LiEbSteR AwarD”


Well, This is mY FirSt AwarD on a WordPress bLoG! :D
Thank You very much “SyCaMoRe WiTcH” for Nominating Me for this Award… :D
(Here’s the ‘Nomination PaGe/PoSt’)

The 11 FactS ’bout Me :)

* My Real Name is ‘DarShan’
* I am 20 Years old…
* Currently in 2nd Year B.B.A
* BLUE is my Favorite Color…
* Love DOGS! (especially Labradors & Golden Retrievers)
* I am an Android App Developer
* I am a SinGer too! (Not a Professional Still :) )
* Huge Fan of “KiShoR KuMaR” & “AriJit SinGh”
* Love Early Morning Cycling
* An ExTroVerT
* I am really a LaZy BeaSt! :P

QueStionS asked to Me :)

1) Do you Read Harry Potter?
If Yes, then who is your Fav. Character?
~ Naah, I Watch it…
Still My fav. Character is ‘DumbleDore’

2) What will You choose & Why?
Walking, Cycling & Driving on a Hill, Beach or a Jungle?
~ I would choose Walking on a Beach!
That Cool BreeZe & PeaCe :)

3) Do You Read? What types of Books?
~ Yepp! Love Stories, sometimes Horror & Fiction too!

4) What Inspired you to Start Blogging?
~ I used to Read random bLoGs, so those Bloggers were a kind of InSpiration for me to Start Blogging :)

5) Which thing ’bout the Society you find the Wierdiest?
~ The ‘Whole Society’ seems Wierd to Me :P

6) What is the One thing that makes You the Happiest?
~ The ‘Notification Tab’ of the WordPress app :P
Jokes apart, Smile on my Mom’sĀ  Face makes me the ‘HappieSt’ :)

7) Which Fictional Character, in your Opinion, is most like You?
~ BruCe Banner (HULK) :P

8) Where are you From?
~ From a small Town known as Amravati, Maharashtra

9) Tell me One Notion you have ’bout Me… (SycaMore Witch)
~ Just 4 Words –
Simplicity at it’s BeSt

10) What is your !dea of a CraZy Day?
~ Not much, coz all my Days are CraZy as Hell :P :D

(Sorry SycaMore Witch, Currently I can’t Nominate other 11s coz of not having much Followers!
& a BiG Sorry for this much Delay!)

DarShu :)

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